The break

Well, so much for consistency. I appear to have started this blog only to completely abandon it. I want to do it though! Write, that is. How am I ever going to write my book if I don't practice. ? Hmmm...Today we ate at Chiloso after church with Amanda, B, Matt, Chris, and Lane. Now: I am comfily (yes I am making that a word today) sitting in my "office" under my heated throw, compliments of Uncle Fred. I updated my myspace which I think looks pretty good. Top it all off with some hot chocolate and oreo crisps (surprisingly good), and you're got a good afternoon. Yes, the house needs to be picked up. Yes, we need groceries. But it's cold outside. And my heated blanked it just so warm.

We got a tree! A first for me: it's real :) I like it. It's nice and fat and I decorated it with gold tinsel, and red, purple, and fuscia ornaments. It still needs lights though. I am so thankful for this season, the weather, MY HUSBAND, music, family, my church, faithful friends...though far they may be, and of course, my heated blanket.

Tomorrow it's back to work. My body is not going to know what hit it when that alarm goes off. But as Steve said in church one time,

"Variety may be the spice of life, but monotony brings home the bacon."

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