Saturday chaos

Today has been quite the day. Ryan and I went and worked out and then headed to Home Depot to pick out a faucet. Our kitchen's is leaky and we've been putting this off...At the second Home Depot (first one was out) we purchased one and headed home. And that's where things got messy. Literally.

Ryan got to work trying to install it but ran into some problems. All afternoon, we've been empyting and then re-placing a beige plastic bucket underneath the sink to catch the rapidly falling drips. Long story short, his dad is now here trying to help.

On a happier note, I'm almost through with my book! Kristen Billerbeck is the author and I love the way she writes. It's 30-something woman-in-a-crisis funny fiction and I eat it up. I also mowed the yard today! Front, back, and side, all by my self :) I was pretty proud and Ryan said he was impressed..."It looks good!"

Well, I just got word that dinner is being brought over via Sharon, my wonderful mother in law. Perhaps the day can be saved and the night will bring peace. And some good ice cream :>

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