3 Months

I know, I know. How has it been 3 months??!

But. I'm not sad. I like watching this girl grow, mostly become mama wants to sleep again one day. Mmkay?

Child, you are so cute. That is your saving grace! Kidding. You also have the cheesiest smile on the planet and it melts my heart. My very tired, three months postpartum heart.


You won't have another doctor appointment until four months so the only thing I can estimate on is weight. And our scale says 14 lbs!


You're in a size 2 diaper and you keep having messy blowouts. I know it's not a size thing, so I'm not sure what it is, except gross. I'm really hoping it's just a phase. You're wearing 0-3 or 3 month clothing and I bought you some new socks since all of your sister's hand-me-downs were either too big or too small. You're welcome.


You were sleeping through the night a bit but have reverted back to being fed once sometime during the night. I've gotten wise though. Instead of turning on my lamp, changing your diaper, and then feeding you, you simply stay swaddled, get thrown are gingerly placed on my chest and eat until you're done. Then it's back to sleep! In your swing. :-0 Yes, you're still sleeping in the swing at night and yes I know it's gotta end. But, I am proud of myself for making you take some naps in your crib. Or at least attempting to. You usually only last 30 minutes but hey, I'm trying. Something about that rocking, white noise, swaddle combo you really dig. And right now it's just too easy.


You are nursing about 6-7 times a day-ish. I tried a bottle and you had no idea what to do with it. So...yeah. Right now it's not a huge deal but someday that might be a good idea! You're starting to get just a little distracted while eating but not too much. You're pretty focused on filling that tummy of yours.


You like to sit in your pink bouncy seat and watch me workout. (Can that really be called playing?) You'll usually make it through most of the 30 minute video and I'm thankful that the sight of me and some dumbbells makes you happy. I'll move you over to your play mat and turn on the spinning musical birds which keeps you happy for another ten minutes or so. I've tried to hand you toys to hold but the grasp is just not there yet. You love to lay on your back and look up at anyone - me, your sister, daddy - and coo and ahh. We have a big time but don't know what you're saying!

Other Things~

You look SO much like your sister; it's crazy. I started blowing bubbles at you and making "blurbing" sounds and now you do it back. I'm pretty proud to say I taught you that first trick. You're happiest after eating. You get excited sometimes and kick your legs, which is what Karlyn did too. I wonder how much the two of you will be alike and in what ways you'll be different. You've probably outgrown your bathtub newborn insert but I'm still using it. You do well in the Ergo while grocery shopping and then start to fuss in the checkout line. This is extra fun because we always get a new cashier who doesn't know any of the vegetable codes and I stand there bouncing like a fool to keep you quiet. You've lost a stripe of hair in the back of your head from rubbing back and forth against the swing (I'm guessing!) and it looks pretty funny.

Karlyn and I like to make up silly songs where we take a little tune from one of her shows and change the words to be about YOU. Like...
Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We're on our way...To help our baby Krosby and save. the day. She's not too big and she's really small, but when we work together, she's cutest of all! Go...Krosby Mae!
We found our Krosby, we found her over there. We found our Krosby, by looking for her hair. We found her! We found her! So let's all stop and cheer! Doodley Doodley Do...Krosby!
Like I said. Silly. =) I also call you random things like, muffin top, tator tot, Kros-BEE! 

Krosby, you are precious. A little high-maintenance but precious all the same and we can't wait to watch you keep growing! Love you chunky.

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