Chocolate Avocado Pudding

That time I made pudding out of avocados.

Please save your judgement.

I'd tried a similar version before so when I came across this recipe and knew I had dates needing to be used, it was a no-brainer. Plus, I like healthy non-traditional recipes. And I got to use my nifty high-powered food processor which is always fun!

We had some interesting conversations around it for sure.

"Kati, WHAT is in this cup in here?"

"It's dates I have soaking for a recipe."


Then after I'd made the pudding, Ryan asked:

"Do we have any avocados?"

"No, because I used them in the pudding."

"Oh, NO. I am not eating pudding with avocados."

Wimp. :>

I thought it was yummy and I would totally make it again. You could even add some honey or maple syrup to amp up the sweetness but I enjoyed it as is.

Smooth. Creamy. Chocolaty. And loaded with healthy fat. Try it. You might surprise yourself.

Recipe here.

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