Krosby's Newborns

I should probably post Krosby's newborn pictures, now that she's almost two month's old! I am so glad we did this. I asked my sweet friend Shannon to come take some pictures for us and she graciously obliged!

Krosby was ten days old when we took these...sweet little chubs!

Oh man. I managed (somehow!) to pull it together that day and get us ready but I had been running fever the night before and really didn't feel that great. I'm glad we did it anyways because time ticks away so fast and then suddenly, they're not little anymore!

The pictures in our big living room chair are special to me because that is where we hang out a lot. It's also where I slept while pregnant with Krosby! Thank you Shannon for capturing our precious girl and giving us family memories to keep!


Silver bows on the stairs...from Karlyn's Christmas decorating!