1 Month

Krosby Mae, you are one month old! How???

I can't believe you've been a part of our family for one month already. You fit right in! And if enough people haven't mentioned it yet, you look just like your sister, but with hair.

We don't have an official weight since you don't have another doctor appointment until two months but mommy is going to stand on the scale with and without you later today for an estimate. :> I have to think you have chunked up a little!

We are not on any kind of schedule. You do b-feed about every 3-4 hours though. You are a great eater most of the time! Sometimes you're still sleepy and get lazy but that's OK. You do love your sleep little girl. I try to keep you awake a bit after you eat which is usually about 30 minutes - 1 hour and then you're ready for another snooze-fest. 

Speaking of sleep. You are definitely a second child. Not to play the comparison game but your sister slept like a dream in the rock-n-play. You, not so much. You despise the thing. You prefer to be held or swaddled/swung. At first daddy was sleeping with you in the big chair after eating and then he'd bring you back to our bed when it was time to eat again. Now you're usually napping and lately sleeping in your swing, swaddled, with the white noise blaring. It knocks you out in about two minutes every time. We're going to eventually have to find another sleep spot sister. Like maybe your crib? Get ready.

You love baths! You just lay there and enjoy the warm water and hair sudz. I experimented last night with a pre-bedtime bath + lotion (you weren't a fan of my massage) and you had maybe your longest stretch of sleep! It was in the swing but whatever. We will try that again tonight.

You like to fuss at night. Starting around oh, 7:00? Until bedtime. The other day I got the brilliant idea to give you some nighttime gripe water right after your last feeding. #worstmistakeever  You immediately projectile spit up what looked like everything you had eaten all day onto you, me and my bed. It was fun times for sure. And into the cabinet goes the gripe water, never to be touched again. :-0

I keep thinking a real smile is in our future, right around the corner! You seem like your eyes are starting to focus on us just a little bit more. You don't like getting dressed/undressed. You look adorbs in your Honest diapers. I didn't like them in the newborn size and with your cord stump, but I'm loving the 1's. You still wear newborn size clothes but as Grandmother noted, you can fill out that newborn onesie! I suspect a move to 0-3 months size soon. Your little hairs crack me up and I think give you personality. I hope you keep it, in all it's light brown glory. 

We've done some tummy time but usually only for about five minutes. You can hold your head up some! You've taken a paci a couple of times but don't have to have it.

I love seeing you and your sister together. The other night daddy was on "watch" and Karlyn gave you 5 kisses in a row and then fell on top of you in your bouncer. Sorry about that! :-) She loves you though so much.

We can't wait to watch you keep growing, Krosby! You've added so much to our family and we love you, precious girl!

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Amanda said...

Kati, Krosby is so beautiful! I'm so happy I got to meet her today! The last picture of you and your girls is just perfect!