36 Weeks

How far along? 36 weeks.
How big is baby? Baby is the size of a honeydew melon. Baby's length is roughly 18.6 inches (per my app) and weighed closed to 6 lbs as of October 28th!
Total weight gain/loss? 21 lbs UP.
Maternity clothes? Yes. My ROSS maternity jeans are carrying me through - seriously. If you need some, check there first. I got one pair with a full panel and one without for $14 each about mid-way through and they are holding up wonderfully! It's been fun throwing in some long-sleeved shirts here recently and I'm determined to not buy anything else. If it gets too cold I'll just wear start wearing a blanket on top of my outfit. :> Oh right. Or a coat.
Sleep? Pretty good. I build my little nest in our over sized living room chair with multiple pillows and usually that works. It helps me sleep at an angle which is super comfy, even though the heartburn has been long gone. I've had a rough few nights here and there. Those can only get better when I have a cute little baby face to wake up to... :-0
Best moment this week? OH, several! Good doctor visits, scratching To-Do's off our pre-baby list, finishing up the nursery (almost done) finding out Ryan WON'T have to be in Minnesota right around my due date, date night, and seeing our maternity pictures. Oh. I also got a pedicure yesterday. L.o.v.e.l.y.

Symptoms? I tire easily. Like wake up, make b-fast, do dishes, need rest. Or take shower. Rest. I can tell she's taking up more room because I have to take a deep breath for air.
Food cravings? Vanilla ice cream, frozen bananas.
Food aversions? Nope, not really.
Gender? GIRL! Little miss Krosby Mae.
Labor signs? No. Not even Braxton Hicks. I didn't have them with Karlyn either, so we shall see.
Belly button in or out? Half-in?
Exercise? I haven't been exercising here lately. BUT - housecleaning = exercise so...yeah. We're gonna go with that. And I need to conserve my energy for L.A.B.O.R.
What I miss? Not a lot. Just anticipating.
What I'm looking forward to? It's November! Whether this baby comes this month or next, we're almost there. I'm looking forward to holding my baby. Cannot wait.
Milestones? I've switched to heparin shots instead of lovenox. Twice a day + filling my own syringes. That took some getting used to. The good news is my OB is letting me stop at 37 weeks and these don't burn like the lovenox did. Only one more week of shots. woo hoo!
Movement? She moves in spurts but of course every day. I love it. I love feeling her move.
Bump? Yes! Ryan and I snuck out for a date night last night and I kept catching glimpses of my belly at DSW while he shopped for shoes. 

Me: "Woah..."

Ryan: "Kati, you're 8 months pregnant."


I'm so thankful we got to escape for just a bit. I wanted us to just get to go eat somewhere AND pick out a special going-home outfit for Krosby. Luckily, Carter's was having a 50% off sale! We didn't get to complete the outfit because I forgot a coupon I wanted to use so once I have the matching HAT, I'll post a pic. I loved that Ryan picked this one out because I really wanted him to be a part. :>

Time is slow dancing the closer we get. But we're really on the home stretch now. Baby girl will be with us SOON! 

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