34 Weeks

How far along? 34 weeks.
How big is baby? Baby is the size of a muskmelon. Or in normal people words...cantaloupe? Baby's length is roughly 17.7 inches (per my app.) We should get another weight check this coming Wednesday! I'm thinking 5 lbs-ish?
Total weight gain/loss? 20 lbs UP.
Maternity clothes? Yes. Every night though I wear just a normal old tank top or shirt with my pajama pants and my child feels the need to announce that my shirt is too small. Yes, I know. :> It really hasn't cooled off a whole lot yet. And I am just not in the mood to spend money on maternity clothes. So I'm hoping to make do with what I've got! I did pick up a friend's third tri clothes and it's nice just having a different shirt to wear.
Sleep? Last night was rough. After tossing and turning and a SECOND epsom salt bath around 4:00 am, I finally konked out. But the nights before that have been good AND I haven't even been taking the sleep aid. I got kind of scared when the sono tech said she had a friend or sister - somebody - who took something to sleep her third tri and then couldn't sleep without it afterwards. So I stopped. And it's been OK. I sleep in the big comfy chair with...uh...5 pillows total? Lots of getting up to pee, lots of switching sides. I listen to hypnobabies too which will usually put me to sleep. ***How exactly it's supposed to help when it just makes you sleepy I'm not quite sure. But it is relaxing.
Best moment this week? Just hitting 34 weeks. I feel like the only numbers left are big ones! 35, 36, 37...Oh - and my brother-in-law / sister-in-law brought over my diaper bag today! They went in with Ryan's mom to get it for us and I really like it!
Symptoms? Heartburn has been less. And of course I would pay $45 for an SI support belt from the chiro and then have my leg pain all but disappear. Oh well...I may need it towards the end. I get tired easily. I make these big plans and then after just taking a shower, doing my hair and makeup, I'm like, yeah, I need a nap.
Food cravings? Nothing in particular. I've wanted sweets more lately but nothing too crazy. Although - I did decide that ice cream is A-OK. I had a banana split mini-blizzard from DQ that was amazing and then a couple nights later decided ice cream sounded good again. So...at 9:30 I went up to Tom Thumb and was totally that cliche pregnant chick walking through the store with JUST ice cream. I mean, it was 2 for $7! So...yeah. We have meat, frozen fruit and veggies, and two cartons of ice cream in our freezer. Come help yourself.
Food aversions? Nope, not really.
Gender? GIRL! Little miss Krosby Mae.
Labor signs? No. Not even Braxton Hicks. I didn't have them with Karlyn either, so we shall see.
Belly button in or out? Half-in?
Exercise? I pulled Karlyn along on a couple of short neighborhood walks last week (which was so incredibly super sweet and we held hands :>) and then about two weights sessions where I just made up my own thing. That will probably be par for the course from here on out. 
What I miss? Not a lot. Just anticipating.
What I'm looking forward to? Just her getting here! Taking some maternity pictures, continuing to gather things we need and get the house ready. I feel a little stuck in this in-between time. Wondering if it will all come back to me...and do we have everything we need?!
Milestones? This whole thing is one huge milestone. I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Praise God!
Movement? She moves in spurts but of course every day. I love it. I love feeling her move.
Bump? Yes! If you hear me sigh, I'm not irritated with you. I'm just coming up for AIR.

**Oh, and this pic was technically 33.5 weeks. Before my OB appt. Today is big red t-shirt day. :>

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