32 Weeks

How far along? 32 weeks.
How big is baby? Baby is the size of a bok choy. Huh? (type of Chinese cabbage) Baby's length is roughly 16.7 inches and at our sono appointment last Thursday, she weighed around 4 lbs, 4 oz!
Total weight gain/loss? 19 lbs UP.
Maternity clothes? Yes, yes. I'm lounging in a long sleeved-t and yoga pants but leaving the house - definitely maternity! I don't feel like spending oodles of money right now for 8 more weeks and one of my friends has so kindly offered up some of her 3rd trimester clothes! I just need to go pick them up. :-)
Sleep? Sleep got rough there for a few days and when I sat my on my bedroom floor crying in the middle of the day, I figured it was time to resort to other measures. There were a couple of back-to-back nights where I just couldn't sleep. I took 2 "simply sleep" pills but felt soooo drugged the next day. So, I've now started taking just one, 25 mg pill around 8:00 pm each night. It's been enough to help me nod off and go back to sleep after waking up to pee a zillion times but not too much where I feel like a zombie. With Karlyn, I took Benedryl the third trimester. I was working 40 hours and my doctor was like, ya gotta sleep! I figured I could do without the allergy part this time though since that's not why I needed it. And...I'm sleeping in the living room. I've tried to start out in our bed but I kept having to move every night so finally I was like, this is dumb. We have a big over sized chair that I can build a little nest from pillows in or I can take to the couch. Who knows where I'll be with the baby! Wherever we can all get the most sleep. ha! #sleepwithababy
Best moment this week? Finding out this sweet girl weighs about 4 lbs! It just sounded like a lot to me and made me really happy that if something unforeseen were to happy, she was already that size. Also feeling her move and jab a lot more yesterday, during church.
Symptoms? Heartburn has been less. But something is up with my leg. I started having this weird pulling pain in my right leg near the top and so, miserable one day, I went to the chiropractor. He adjusted me and said I needed to start stretching and foam rolling because I was really tight. **I confessed that I had been working out but not stretching. :-0 He also let me try on a support belt thing that I may go back and get if it gets worse. Right now I'm just kind of dealing with it - and not doing my stretches. #badmomma
Food cravings? Nothing in particular. I've wanted sweets more lately but nothing too crazy. I remember reading that Jenny McCarthy baked an entire pan of brownies every night during pregnancy? Something like that. I figure as long as we're not to that point, I'm good. :-)
Food aversions? Nope, not really.
Gender? GIRL! Little miss Krosby Mae.
Labor signs? No.
Belly button in or out? Half-in?
Exercise? I've tried to do 21 Day Fix workouts a couple times a week or make up my own thing but I am having to re-think that after last week. I did a couple workouts and was sooo incredibly sore - it just exacerbates the leg pain. Even body weight squats! So...I may try to stick to walking and upper body. We'll see. 
What I miss? Not a lot. Just anticipating.
What I'm looking forward to? Just her getting here! Taking some maternity pictures, continuing to gather things we need and get the house ready.
Milestones? I felt like 30 weeks was a big one and now we're already at 32!
Movement? She's moving and grooving. Feeling stronger, bigger movements lets me know she's growing which is awesome. She hasn't hurt me yet but I did kind of jump a little in church yesterday when it caught me by surprise.
Bump? Yes!

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