Chocolate, Yoga, FREE!

So. I haven't really used this blog much to promote my business as a health and fitness coach...but. I wanted to let my readers in on a few things going on next week that I am super pumped about! I'll make it short & sweet. :-)

#1. Chocolate

Who doesn't want to start their day off with a thick, frosty chocolate shake?! 

I am in love with the vegan chocolate shakeology and next week I'm offering a 5 for $30 Shakeo Challenge group! It's easy! You pay $30 and I mail you 5 packets of Shakeology to try Monday-Friday! You also will be part of our online closed Facebook group where we'll be sharing recipes, tips, ingredient info, and more so you can see and sip. ;>

I'm heading to the post office STAT (as my four year old likes to say) so let me know via comment if you're interested! You can also read this post to find out why I love this super-food filled, daily dose of dense nutrition.

#2. Yoga

Do you love yoga? What about pilates? PiYo is an amazing program that gets you lean & defined without any jumping up and down or straining on your joints. If you're not a fan of weights and are searching for a low-impact workout that is still going to burn crazy calories, this combination of pilates / yoga may be just what you're looking for.

Through the end of this month, the PiYo challenge pack, which includes the DVD's, nutrition guide, and 30 days of Shakeology is ON SALE!

#3 Free Group

September 21-25, I'm also hosting a FREE "Fall into Fitness" Yoga Group! We'll have 5 days of yoga poses, flows, benefits of yoga, recipes, support, encouragement and more! If you are looking to get back into a yoga practice OR want to start something new, fall into fitness in a peaceful, relaxing way to do so - with this FREE group.

Leave a comment that you are interested, and I will get you added to our closed, online Facebook group.

If any or all of the above interests you, drop me a comment below or message me on Facebook and I will get you all set up! I would LOVE to answer any questions you may have and even tell you more about what this coaching thing is all about!

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