Stay-at-Home-Mom Adventures ~ Day 1

Well...today was a day to be documented for sure! September 14, 2015. Karlyn and I's first day home together, embarking on my stay-at-home-mom adventure.

That's right. If you didn't already know, I'm home now! And last Friday was Karlyn's last day at daycare. I'm so excited to start this journey and to have time with my sweet precious girl - both now before her sister gets here, and after to see them together. I think we had a pretty good day 1!

Karlyn's on an oatmeal kick which made me want to try it again. I used to eat gobs of oatmeal. GOBS. But when all my weird-o health issues started, it was one of the foods I cut out because I just never felt that great after eating it. When I was home with Kar on maternity leave, it was second breakfast every day. Oats with cinnamon, brown sugar or honey, diced apples, and raisins. So delish.

So we made that again today, although the kiddo refused my extra fruit additions. I bought a large bag of Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free oats and while I don't think it will be an everyday thing for me like it used to, I did enjoy it!

We got one of us dressed + hair done and gosh darn, if she isn't the most adorable thing. :>

Then we "worked on words." Ryan has been working with her at night after dinner on sounding out letters and trying to read a few words that he writes on her marker board easel. She's doing really well so we tacked on a few new ones today. I can't wait to see the progress she makes in a year before Kindergarten!

We read about Adam and Eve in her Princess Bible and then worked on a memory verse which is something I've been wanting to do with her for quite a while. I was impressed when she remembered part of it tonight to say back to Ryan.

Ephesians 6:1 ~ Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.

I did my Lower Body Fix workout while she played with one of her dolls. And ya'll. The workouts are getting tougher. I have to drop the weight or just use body weight. And go slower. And take breaks. But I'm trying! After that we ate lunch and rested/napped/showered. She looked so sweet sleeping...at Ivey daycare no less. =)

We hit the grocery store late but got all we needed and made it back home in time to get dinner made and cleaned up. I never know exactly what time Ryan will leave work so his plate usually has to be heated back up a bit. It was SO. GOOD.

Cabbage & Onions, Potatoes, and Turkey Sausage. Yum. Yum. YUM.

My day / night / week was made when we were sitting on the bar stools eating and she pipes up with,

"I love you girlfriend."
"I love how today turned out."
"I loved today mama, because of you. You made today awesome." 

And while the day may not have seemed especially awesome, beyond the norm to me, her thinking that it was made my heart burst. I think we're going to like this new routine.


Andrea C. said...

Oh my gosh, that is so sweet that she said that at the end of the day. Rock star 'stay at home mom'! :)

The Killough's said...

Sweet Karlyn!!! They know just what to say to melt a mommy's heart!

Amie said...

Oh that is just too sweet!!! I hope you enjoy your time at home :) I love oatmeal but at this point in pregnancy it just feels me up so much that I can't breathe so I had to cut it out.

Jess Connell said...

Yay!! :) So glad you get to be together.