Sono Day


Yesterday was sono day. And even my slush was on board! #babycolors

Ryan couldn't come because of a work call so I asked my sister to join me. I was nervous as usual and as much as I try to convince myself that at "x" number of weeks, I can relax, it's hard. But there was the baby...just hangin' out on its head!

cutest. headstand. evAR.

This was my last sono with the RE as I'll see my OB next week and from then on will just stay with her. So, they told me to bring a DVD and they would record the sonogram for me. It's pretty cool. The sono tech pointed things out and we even saw the little guy/girl move around a bit. I really wish I could set it to music! Does anyone know how to do that??

I love that my baby is just chilling in there. =)

They gave me directions for weaning off the progesterone and steroid that I'm on, several weeks from now. I was grateful for another huge sigh of relief and one step closer to...being further along. holding my baby. so many things.

Seriously. I just want to hold it already! Is that weird?

Baby even measured one day ahead of where its been at 9 weeks, 4 days. #overachieverbaby


I cannot WAIT to tell Karlyn. Two weeks. They'll go by fast though and I am just dreaming about her reaction. We've waited so long to give her this news and I only hope it's everything I've imagined. We knew that once we told her, it would be ALL she'd talk about plus we've waited for other obvious reasons. Eek. Can't wait!

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