12 Weeks



How far along? 12 weeks
How big is baby? Baby is as big as a lime...or a clementine? Around 2 inches long.
Total weight gain/loss? We just got back from the lake so I haven't weighed yet. I'm hoping it's gone UP! #glutenfreebrownies
Maternity clothes? Not yet
Sleep? I'm sleeping pretty well / having to get up to pee a couple times a night. I'm scared that this is my last full week of progesterone. I start weaning off next week and it helps me sleep!
Best moment this week? Hitting the 12 week mark and starting to see a slight bump at times. :> AND OF COURSE TELLING KARLYN SHE'S GOING TO BE A BIG SISTER!
Symptoms? Intermittent nausea, food aversions. Just walking up a slight hill gets me a little out of breath.
Food cravings? Not cravings so much but they sound good. Wendy's baked potato or tacos from...anywhere.
Food aversions? Yes. See above. MEAT in large portions = NO.
Gender? I'm #teamboy right now. 
Labor signs? No.
Belly button in or out? In.
What I miss? nothing
What I'm looking forward to? Announcing our news to more friends. We decided to tell Karlyn last Monday, one week ago. Yes, we got it on video. Yes, her reaction was priceless. 
Milestones? Every week is a milestone. We have a sono coming up this next Friday and I think after that I will feel good. What does that even mean though? 
Bump? I've started to see signs of one the past few days. Especially by the end of the day and after I've eaten!

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