A goal a month

I really didn't make new year's resolutions but I have been thinking about 2015 and what I hope to accomplish. I knew I wanted to kick things off by completing my first official "Whole 30" and I did! As the month drew to a close, I knew how satisfying it was going to be to look back and say in January I did the whole 30. I started thinking about A Goal A Month and what other things I could tackle in subsequent months. I made a list and then narrowed it down to what I wanted to focus on in February. I liked the idea of being able to look back next January and say, "In February, I did this. In March..." and so on and so forth. I like tangible, measurable goals where I can see progress, and that I accomplished something.

That leads me to now. February 2nd. I decided my month 2 goal was a social media break.

I love Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Each for their own reasons and though they can be ridiculous, full of drama, and a waste of time, I do feel connected through them and plugged-in so to speak. I like seeing every one's cute pictures and posting my own. It's where I get some of my news. (I need to find a new source!) It's too easy though for me to get caught up in it and spend too much time scrolling. Although I often find useful links to articles that interest me, I can find those same articles other places. And it takes more intentional effort. I follow Mind Body Green for example and could spend all day every day reading things like "8 ways to be healthier in the new year," "How to sleep better tonight!" and "Is your life headed in the right direction?" It's a constant stream of info - that I love! But one that should be monitored and limited.

I've gotten too used to posting everything. I liked it for the Whole 30 and knew that I would have support on Instagram during the challenge so that was fun. But it quickly becomes a habit and I have to stop and ask myself, wait, is this really necessary? Can we go do something fun without letting the whole world know about it? I'm not saying it's a bad thing always. Obviously, I'm a fan! But it's something that needs limits in my life. Taking a break also helps me with two other goals I have which are:

  • not texting while driving
  • blogging more

If I'm not on social media, there's not much to check while driving! And yes, I know how insanely deplorable it is to text and drive. Also a bad habit I've let slide. I seriously considered making that my February goal but I truly believe one will lead to the other. I also want to blog more and if I'm not wasting time on Facebook before I finally start writing then that only helps. 

I'm excited about unplugging a bit and seeing how the month goes. It's already been a little weird. :-0

Do you have any February goals?

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