Fuel for the Fire

Man I love this. I'm getting fired up tonight. Jazzed. Feeling a spark of life come back. Feeling that there's work to do and I might just be the one called to do it. Thinking that maybe - just maybe - my interests, passions, and dare I say calling may be God-given and there for a reason. 

I read another chapter in Unstoppable last night and I want to write a post about just that but it was so good. It's the kind of chapter you read the whole way through with that knot in your throat. The kind of knot that appears when you want to cry but don't. When you know that what you're hearing is true and you know it in your gut. When someone is speaking the truth and reminding you that giving up / dropping out is not an option. And definitely not recommended.

Honestly, I'm tired. I'm tired of people not caring. I'm tired of the vast majority of people seeing zero connection between their health and what they shove into their mouth on a daily basis.
Autoimmune diseases, food allergies, compromised gut health, diabetes, sleep disorders, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, arthritis.
There's a connection here and I promise lasting relief is not the latest prescription drug being offered on the TV commercial you just watched, with it's cargo train of side effects.

It's called FOOD. Real food that we were designed to eat. Adequate, restorative sleep. Exercise. Moving your body. Laughter. Stress Relief. Homeopathic, natural remedies. Essential Oils.

My passion is health. How can we possibly live up to our full potential and be all God has called us to be when we're held back by illnesses that attack our body and zap our strength? As I wrap up my first official "Whole 30" I  believe in the power of what we do - and do not eat - so much that it's lit a new fire in my bones.

Perfectionism is not the goal. Health is. Not perfect health. But optimal health. Attainable health. I want to spread this message. I want to do what I can, with what I can, now. And I will.

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