Karlyn, you are FOUR years old today!

What a joy and delight you are! Daddy and I can't believe how blessed we are to call you our daughter. You make us laugh over the hilarious things that come out of that mouth and your smile and joy are infectious. Here's what you're up to at four years old~

Favorites: You love to watch your shows. Still! Faves right now are Doc McStuffins, Pajanimals, Caillou, Boj, and "Home (Left) Alone." You tell us you want to "just relax and watch your show." Favorite toys are definitely your baby dolls. You have an assortment and are about to get more for Christmas! =) You have "big baby" at both our house and Nona's house who is actually the size of a very large newborn. One time you recently named big baby "Surendulen" (sp?) and dressed her up like a tiny gang member, complete with medicine dispenser sticking out of the shirt. You have also developed a love of accessories. Jewelry is now a must - necklace/bracelet/weird black skeleton ring - with any outfit as are random outfit changes. You like your hair done a certain way in the morning which usually involves a ponytail/headband combo or a braid. At night, pajamas are worn with slippers - or flip-flops - and jewelry and a headband. You adore skirts and dresses and anything girly; tears are shed over having to wear pants. You dress yourself when we say it's OK!

Fun: When it was still warm outside, you liked to go in the backyard and play tennis with daddy. You love playing at the park, sliding, swinging, and playing "kid" which is where we swap roles and you're the mommy. You are big into paint right now and just got some for your birthday. You also like to color and draw but get a little frustrated sometimes when it doesn't turn out like it did in your head or you "just don't know what to draw." This leads to a quick and fierce crumpling of the paper and a toss onto the floor. And a reprimand. :>

Friends: You have lots of friends at school. Brittany, Hank, Serae. You seem to get along well with all the other kids even though we went through the "so and so is not my best friend anymore" stage. Your sweet friends Mallory and Asher go to church with you and you always have a blast playing together. You also have pretend friends. Rosie, Luke, and Addison, but usually we hear you talking to Rosie. Or about her. She goes on outings with us and spends the day at school with you. Sometimes she's your baby but mostly your little sister. It's very cute.

Family: You love your family and lately it's so stinking adorable when you refer to daddy and I as "you guys."

"Guys, where are y'all?"

"Guys, I was thinking this weekend maybe we could go to Yogurtland."

Speaking of daddy and I....daddy is no more. You pretty much call him Ryan and it's pretty much the best thing ever. The way you say it is so casual and I guess you just heard me call him that over and over and it stuck in your brain. You'll say, "Ryan, I can't see the TV when you stand in front of it. Ryan, I can't help you clean right now; mommy has to give me a bath. Ryan, where are you?" ha.

You are blessed with plenty of aunts and uncles to love on you as well as grandparents and great-grandparents. You've had sleepovers with Nona and Grandmother and it makes me happy to see you together.

Food: You're a mac-and-cheese girl all the way. I blame that on the fact that I ate it as second breakfast on occasion during my first trimester with you. You also eat avocado, some meats depending on how it's prepared, yogurt with "blue-blerries," apples, bananas, applesauce squeezes, fruit snacks, olives, cheddar bunny crackers, grapes, raisins, cherry tomatoes, green beans, strawberry jelly, hamburgers, and "the little square sweet potatoes." Apple juice is a staple. I mix it half and half with water and you're good with that. You can down some ice cream and discovered a love for Reese's over Halloween. Can't say I blame you!

Funny: Oh, Karlyn. You say and do too many funny things that I forget to write down. #badmom We've seen several nativity scenes lately which are obviously "activity scenes." If Nona asks you if you can do something, you say, "I'll have to ask my family."

Bedtime isn't funny but I can't not write about it...for memories sake! Ever since you climbed out of your crib at two years old, you've had trouble sleeping in your own bed. And by trouble, I mean you don't. Here's how it goes down. You want daddy to lay with you in your bed until you fall asleep.

 You and daddy share a special bond at night at as he reads you Bible stories and then asks you questions about them. He tells you what it means to love Jesus and that He died for you. He prays with you and you remember to pray for Aunt Ashley or Uncle Klay. 

I usually then have to come wake up daddy. Sometime between midnight and 3:00 AM you shuffle quickly to our bedroom and lay down on a pallet that we've made for you. Yes, YES, I know. But we know you're coming and I don't want you to lay on the hard floor without a blanket and we've told you the bed is off-limits. Usually there is no talking or tears, you just come in and do your thing. We've had talks about this, threats, plans, etc. I bought a $30 pillow pet. #wasted  You've told us that as soon as you turn 4, you're going to start sleeping in your bed. I'd believe you, but I heard the same thing about 3. It really is sweet/funny because you'll tell us that you're going to and then thirty minutes later with a tremor in your voice, say, "I changed my mind. Can daddy sleep with me?"

I don't think this will last forever. And you are our only baby, even at four. So we let you and we love you. :-)

Karlyn, thank you for bringing untold joy into our lives. Thank you for making me a mom. Thank you for your hugs and kisses and your twenty "Mommy...I love you's" throughout the day. Thank you for showing us your sensitive side and your free spirit and your kind caring heart. 

Happy 4th Birthday!!!!


Josh and Shan said...

Happy Birthday Karlyn!!!

The Killough's said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Karlyn!!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Karlyn!!! We love getting to watch you grow!!