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happy hump day!

I thought I'd try and write a less mad post than I have been. Because the truth is, now that I've come to terms with this month probably not being the one either, I'm super stoked. I'm beyond ready to get off the extra hormones, have more energy, and GO BACK TO THE GYM. I'm almost giddy. I can smell the weights now...and they're calling my name.

In other news, can we talk about the time change? Does anyone else feel like the days now last 1,000 hours long? At 2:00 PM, I feel like I've been at my desk for days and by 7:30 at night when the sky is as black as it can possibly be, my mind and body are very confused. Should I head to bed? Start a project? I have no idea. I don't remember feeling like this in years past. Maybe I'm just getting old.

I was super happy to have yesterday off and unashamedly spent the day shopping while Karlyn spent time with her Nona. I love being able to shop alone and with the cooler weather coming, knew my Fall wardrobe was a little sparse. I hit up a resale shop called Clothes Mentor first and I was really glad that I did! I ended up getting 3 sweaters and 2 sweater/vest/cardigan type things for $69. Next was DSW where there are far too many shoes to possibly make a decision. I needed lunch to re-fuel and Scotty P's has gluten-free buns. #yum 

Express was next where I picked out a couple things for Ryan (how did women shop for their husbands before camera phones? - he knew exactly what he was getting =) I found a few things there for myself and then rounded out the day at The Children's Place, Old Navy, and Dillards where I had store credit. Every single thing I bought was on sale or clearance! By this point my feet ached and the only cure was Yogurtland. #holidayflavors

My eating needs a serious overhaul. Ever since Halloween I've convinced myself that miniature candy bars are not only necessary but definitely OK. I made this and after trying to tell myself it was "too sweet" - is there such a thing - ended up eating it in mass the next day along with my sister. I may or may not have made a chocolate version too. <<white was better>>

I've been playing with my hair a little - curly, straight, curly. Karlyn has stopped calling it "crazy hair" so maybe it's ok. Some days it works, others I hate it. But it is SO much easier and shaves off a good 15-20 minutes of my getting ready routine. Also healthier with less blow drying and flat-ironing. I want to grow it out again. Shocker.

I both do and do not want to buy the new Taylor Swift album. I'm obsessed with "Blank Space" but I hate "Welcome to New York." I keep hearing different tracks on Pandora and am still debating. I never buy cd's...but as a somewhat recent T. Swift convert, I almost feel compelled.

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