Monday Stuff

 Man. Today was a Monday. Crazy day at work, although nothing too horrible. I did play phone tag between my doctor's office and Walgreens for a while trying to make sure this was ready for me to pick up. It looks innocent enough. How bad could it be? :-0

Don't answer that. I'm nervous. 

Ya know, I couldn't decide whether or not to talk about it but it seems like lately, I'm caring less. What does it really matter? We're using fertility drugs after not being able to get pregnant for a year, and after losing two babies. I don't mind talking about it. It is what it is and I'm OK with that.

I had In-N-Out for lunch today and let me just say that I really like that place. It's super yum and cheap. I like the protein style cheeseburger and fries. =) I got it without cheese the last time I was there and it definitely wasn't as good. Adding the cheese makes up for no bun!

My show comes on tonight! I can't wait to hear all my faves sing on The Voice. :-) I'm ready to relax after a go-go-go weekend. It was great spending time with family and celebrating Easter but it's always a little hard starting the week off feeling like you didn't get to rest. Ryan and I both like our down time and apparently Karlyn NEEDS hers. She had a huge post-holiday meltdown this morning that made me warn her teacher she'd be ready for nap time.

It's always nice to have Monday under your belt. How was yours?

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Amanda said...

Oh Monday!! That's how mine was :) So glad you were able to get in touch with your dr.'s office!