Kid-to-Kid ~ Summer Clothes Haul

I love Kid-to-Kid. I know I've said that before but I really, really do! It's so fun to look through the store and find gently used clothes, shoes, and toys for your kiddo. They sell maternity clothes too so I totally took advantage of that when I was pregnant with Karlyn. They offer cash or store credit when you bring in items to sell and also have a punch card system that earns you 20% off your purchase. They'll have sales where regular or clearance priced items are an extra percentage off and then the savings really add up.

Yesterday I went by on my lunch hour because Karlyn needed some shorts and more warm weather clothes. Even though Spring is just barely upon us, I like to be prepared because Texas can be 40 degrees one day and 80 the next! Plus I don't know why, but I really enjoy switching out her clothes between seasons. I think it's the organizer in me (or the one who used to live there) that loves the whole process. And let's be honest. Little girl clothes are just cute. :>

So...what did I get?

  • 11 shirts
  • 8 shorts
  • 1 skirt

$80! That was also taking $5.00 off because I spent enough. *Hint, Hint ~ There's a code you can text once you're at the register when you've spent more than $30.00.

Two of the shirts I got were brand new with tags still on and the great thing about Kid-to-Kid is that they are usually picky with the items they accept. So everything was in good to great condition and PERFECT for daycare. Here's the thing. My child is going to paint on, spill juice on, and run around the dusty playground in these clothes so I really don't see the need to spend insane amounts of money. Now of course we have separate clothes for church and going out that I don't let her wear to school so they stay nice. Same with shoes. She has school shoes and other shoes because I've seen first-hand the destruction that can happen there!

Cheery & Bright!
I usually don't pick out "outfits" while I'm there but I kept finding things that went together or that I knew would match items she already had at home. Brands included Gap, The Children's Place, and Carter's. I was really pleased with my purchase! Here are three of the outfits I like best~

They had these two pieces on display together so I snatched it up. =)

Karlyn loves skirts and twirling so I think she'll love it! I'm probably saving it for an Easter basket. 

Sometimes resale shops are hit or miss so if you don't find much the first time, wait a bit and try again! What about you? Do you shop resale? What are you favorite places?


katebradley said...

Good finds! I agree that it seems like every.single.shirt. gets stains on it these days, especially if I am not right there to help prevent it, although plenty of stains have happened on my watch too. I love shopping at Once Upon a Child out here.

Amanda said...

You had a great shopping trip!!