Crazy Night

I still can't get over last night. I passed out! For the second time in my life. I felt OK all day and then as I was getting dinner ready, I started feeling really nauseous. Food didn't sound good so I went to take a bath and inside the tub I started thinking I was going to throw up. I called Ryan's name to bring me a trash can but he didn't hear me. I called him again. I'm like screaming his name...finally he runs in there and I say, "I need you to get me a trash can." He asked where, I pointed to the bathroom, and by the time he came out with it, he said my head was slung over and I was out. Apparently he started yelling my name all while Karlyn is laughing, saying "Mommy's asleep!" :-0 He decided to pull me up out of the bathtub and thought he might have to call 911. I heard a voice in the back of my head but it was like I was dreaming. Finally I came to. He was so scared and I was a bit too. I laid in bed and tried to sort out what had happened. I was really clammy and just felt sick to my stomach. Ryan got Karlyn to bed and we tried to sleep. After about an hour I was really sure I needed to get to a hospital. I was clammy again, nauseous, and sweating through my sweatshirt and the sheets. I think we were close to heading that way and then it started to subside. We got back to sleep and somehow I made it in to work today and got some stuff done. So. bizarre. I'm thinking it was something I ate that didn't sit well + female stuff? Ugh. Passing out is not normal for me! I'm feeling better tonight but it kinda scares me. I'm SO grateful Ryan heard me when he did. I know it's probably time for an annual physical as the last time I had blood work done was about a year ago. Definitely putting that on the to-do list.

And hoping we don't go through it again anytime soon!

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