I'm really thankful for Google. This morning I woke up early and thought hey, maybe I'll blog but my computer wouldn't let me sign on. A quick Google search on my phone gave me the solution of starting the computer in safe mode and then restoring it to a past date. Bingo! I don't know what the deal was but I'm in now. Thank you world wide web!

I haven't been doing very well on my 2014 goal to blog more. One idea I read was to set aside a designated amount of time every day to sit down and write. Don't overthink  it; just write. So...I may do that. As soon as I have time. ha. I have been using Instagram more! I had no idea that was such a big thing in the fitness arena. It is. There is so much out there and it's really motivating to find others working on the same thing you are and gleaning from their wisdom/inspiration. 

Speaking of, I've completed my third week of training. I say "training" although I'm not getting ready for a specific event right now. Though I may in the future :> but I really just mean I've been lifting weights *HARD* for three weeks now. Nine lifting sessions since December 30th. And I'm seeing progress! I'm so happy I decided to work with a coach. I see why people like to work with personal trainers. Someone else does the thinking and then hands you the workout? Yes please. I love it. And the app I'm using to log my workouts rocks. If I'm doing an exercise I've done before, it automatically tells me what weight I used last time so mentally I'm challenged from the start to increase it. I also am enjoying the Mon/Wed/Fri schedule because that day off in-between gives needed rest and after the weekend, I'm ready to hit it again Monday. I'm excited to enter week four and then see what's to come after that. Here's a pic from yesterday I shared. I had just finished my Friday Back & Bi's workout and was feeling pumped. I've also officially gained two pounds since I started. I know that might not seem like a big deal and more of a normal fluctuation but I've watched and seen that it's not. It tells me I'm moving in the right direction!

I don't obsessively weigh. When we lived with Ryan's parents I pretty much never hopped on a scale. Ryan and I typically have one just to keep tabs on where we're at as we've both found ourselves maintaining weight easily and somewhat hard gainers. Now I'm using it to see that number go UP in a steady, healthy muscle building fashion. The scale gives you a number, but no other information. Measurements are a great way to track progress whether you're wanting to lose, gain, or maintain. I haven't taken them yet but am trying to take pictures to track things as well because in the end, as my coach said, it's really about loving what you see in the mirror. If you love that, nothing else matters!

I'm not tracking calories either. I LOATHE the thought of counting and unless you're prepping for a specific event, I don't know that it's necessary. Yes in some cases it might be helpful to track a day or two just to see what you're taking in but for right now, I'm simply trying to eat more (quantity) and more often (frequency). That includes the flavor of the day at Culver's if I so please.

Salted Caramel Banana Nut. I die.

On top of all of this, I've been thinking a little about getting my personal trainer certification. I was certified through the Cooper Fitness Center years ago but that has long expired. I don't want to train full-time but I think I might enjoy doing it on the side. And, I'd enjoy refreshing my knowledge on all aspects of training so that my writing was further backed up by my education. I know the certs range in price and style so I need to do some research and decide if that's something I really want to do. For now, it's rolling around in my head. I love this subject and I want to help people achieve better health so more education certainly couldn't hurt with that end in mind. 2014, we'll see what you have in store. :-)

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