Snoozin on the job

So this happened yesterday. 

She literally fell asleep sitting in the shoe aisle and then continued to sleep as I browsed around. It only lasted a few minutes but it was so funny. I knew she was tired because it was past nap time and we had been running around all afternoon. The main stop we made was at Groovy Cuts for a b-day haircut. They sent Karlyn a coupon for half off and it was about to expire. We had fun and it was a big day because little miss experienced her first blow dry. Its always scared her but we convinced her to let us and distracted her with tv. Here's a before and some after shots!



I love how it looked dried with the round brush! But will I be doing that every morning before school? No. Probably not. We chowed down on some Chic-fil-a afterward and finished the day with a trip to Target. Enter: shopping cart nap.


I feel so behind on blogging. My brother told me as much the other day and then surprised me by saying he reads every blog I write. *Hi Kollin!* I'm hoping January will settle down a little and I'll have time to catch my breath. Can you believe the year's almost over? 

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Amanda said...

Love her new haircut and that is so funny she fell asleep at Target! Loved the painted nails too!