Groovy Cuts

Monday was a holiday and that meant girl's day since Nona and mommy were both off. I ran to the gym and then to look for party supplies (hit the Dora jackpot) and then we were off to to run errands. I've known that Karlyn needed a haircut for a while and I was determined to get it cut that day while we had time. Enter...Groovy Cuts! I didn't think there was a kid-specific hair salon around town but it turns out there was. The real fun happened though before we even stepped inside.

Karlyn was tired and was insisting that she didn't want a haircut. I was trying everything and finally attempted bribing her with chic-fil-a if she would comply. *Note - I don't normally take orders from my toddler but I could tell it was nap time and that if I forced a haircut right at that moment, it was not going to be a pleasant experience. Anyhoo. She said she wanted something to drink and Nona asked if she thought she'd be in a better mood after some juice. Who has juice? Chic-fil-a. I had already told her we weren't going to Chic-fil-a if we didn't get a haircut but here we are, pulling up to Chic-fil-a. Ya know. Because they had juice.

We drive up and my almost three year old pipes up:

"Are we at Chic-fil-a?"

"Yes, we're pulling up there."

"Are we at Chic-fil-a?"

"Yes Karlyn."

"Mommy, I told you we could go to Chic-fil-a without getting a haircut."


She kills me. Ha.

It was super cute inside though and Karlyn sat in the pink jeep. We had the lady take off about an inch and Karlyn sat pretty still but kept having to be reminded to look down. She could have had a shampoo but she declined (kids don't know what they're missing!) and she also opted to skip the blow-dry.

Her stylist then surprised her by asking if she would like her nails painted. Kar immediately looked down to her toes and she said, "they all think we're talking about toes!" I helped her pick out a purple - of course - and she sat still why they dried. 

Maybe one day we'll have a birthday party at at Groovy Cuts. But for now I'm going to let my baby girl have the purple Dora party her little heart desires. :>

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