Weekend Fun and June Goals

This weekend has been busy! It started off with a baby shower Saturday morning for my cousin's wife Jessica. She is having a boy - their first - and got lots of great clothes and baby gear. I wasn't going to take Karlyn with me but decided to last minute after Grandmother and Karoline requested to see her. She is getting easier to take places since she is potty trained now, although lately she'll just stand there and pee on the carpet! We're like, what are you doing?! I'm not sure what all that's about because most of the time she's really good at telling us and going herself and I KNOW it's not because she's too busy playing. Crazy kid.

Saturday evening we headed to a Sunday School class party with a bunch of our friends and their kiddos. We had a big group and there was a huge backyard for the littles to run around. They loved it. I made this strawberry salad to take and also some gluten free chocolate chip cookies (Betty Crocker mix.) Surprise if you ate one and didn't know it was gf.  =) I seriously think they are some of the best chocolate chip cookies I've tasted! They got gobbled up along with the salad and there was tons of pizza.

Karlyn got to play with her good buddy Asher at the party. They look like they could be brother and sister and their birthdays are only two weeks apart! They were so cute together. Thank you to Shannon for the pictures!

I LOVE this romper from Zulily!

Karlyn has been cracking us up with what comes out of that little mouth. Ryan was asking her if she loved her daddy and she said, "No, only mommy and dodger." Ryan told her that made him sad...then Saturday morning in bed, we were all laying around in our bed and she said, "Daddy, I don't like you but I love you."

It sounds mean, but it was pretty funny! She also says this all the time now:

"Daddy, don't ACT like that!" It's usually when he's laughing at something that she's already said. 

But today...today was the funniest. Late this afternoon she once again peed on the carpet, in the living room. We both were getting on to her and cleaning it up and then once we got done were sitting on the couch. Karlyn said, "Why is the floor wet?" Ryan goes, "Yes, why IS it wet Karlyn?" 

Karlyn with a straight face looks at Ryan and says, "You know God?" We both bust out laughing and Ryan says yes, he does. Karlyn: "He spilled water on the floor."

LOL! Yes, our two year old brought God into it. It was too funny.

She has seriously been in destruct-o mode today! Here's a list~
  • Peed on the floor
  • Dumped out Dodger's dog food
  • Dropped Ryan's phone into a cup that was fortunately mostly empty!
  • "Washed" her book
  • Dumped out the rest of a bag of chips

The chips thing just now happened. We were trying to get on to her but were both laughing so much after everything else that it was really hard.

She likes to drag her potty/stool over to her bathroom sink and "wash" everything from baby dolls to books. I had to explain today that we don't get our books wet and that the only thing that goes in that sink are our hands, to wash them. #ConversationsWithATwoYearOld


I have a few June goals. I removed the Facebook and Instagram apps off my phone, probably not permanently but for a while. I just get too sucked in and find myself wasting so much time on them. It's ridiculous and there are a lot of projects around the house that need my attention. I want to do a better job of keeping the house tidy, organized, and clutter free. So much easier said than done for me. I tend to "pile" and have trouble hanging up my clothes right away. Where did the organized perfectionist I used to be go? I need to find her asap.

My main goal is to spend time daily reading my Bible and praying. Not much to say there except that I know I need to do it but haven't been. I'm also reading a book on loss by Angie Smith that is really good. I'll probably talk more about it later.

That's all I got. Oh wait, one more. No more tickets. I got a lovely speeding ticket on Memorial Day and those things are expensive! Ain't nobody got time for that.

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Amanda said...

I love Angie Smith!!! Hope her book ministers to you! Sounds like a fun weekend and I love hearing what Karlyn's been saying! Sorry about your ticket :/ Hope you have a great week!