TV Time

This happened tonight.

I let Karlyn watch some of her "shows" while I was cooking dinner. I just kept making different things so it took a while. She ate, and then I decided we needed to shut off the TV for a while. I told her to get some books, puzzles, or play with her toys while I cleaned up. She played with the Swiffer Mop and a paper towel for a while and then, markers! That's her new thing...so I suggested it. I got her all set up only to look down after a few minutes and see her free-styling black marker all across my kitchen floor...

"Karlyn! No!!"

Luckily, a wet washcloth took it right off and no permanent damage was done. I then in a defeated voice said: 

"OK, let's go watch your show."


It's just so much easier sometimes to let her watch TV because I know she's still and contained and quiet. BUT, it's gotten to be too much and I know I need to start setting limits. We do things together too but I also have to get stuff done around the house that she can't necessarily help with yet. I just need to get creative and be more firm about less TV. She really does love it. Caillou, Backyardigans, Team Umizoomi.

I really wish at times she had a sibling to play with but since that hasn't happened yet, it is what it is! Any other moms struggle with TV time? I think it's just a pattern we've fallen into.


Amanda said...

I hear you friend! Lately, I've been trying to make sure we play outside (if possible) or inside before dinner and then after her bath, we can watch a show to rest and get ready for bed. I'm trying to set a new pattern to get out of the old pattern I set too! We can do this!

The Young's said...

I try to be mindful of it, too, but sometimes it definitely is easier to put on a show! I second Amanda.. we've had to be more active in taking him outside or playing in the front yard more often. He seems to rest better too when he's all worn out! I feel ya!