The big 3-0

Well I did it. I turned 30. Yay me!

It's not too bad so far! My sweet friend Amanda started my day off with CAKE and Ryan gave me a card that had this little encouraging word inside. I was like, really? ;-)

I had Ryan take a photo shoot of us this morning. Ya know, so I could remember what I looked like at 30. I'm sure I will want to reference this day at some point! I thanked the Lord for a good hair day. Sometimes that just works out.

I took my outfit inspiration from Pinterest!

Now that I look at these, I think I look a little sleepy...it was 7:30 and I didn't sleep the best. Oh well! Memories. My co-workers ate lunch with me *pizza!* and my boss gave me a pretty blue scarf and a sparkly pink & silver card that said "30" on the front and inside: "It's like 29, but better."

I hope so.

I'm 45 minutes late for a nap now so...that's all!

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Karo said...

Okay, your outfit is super adorable...and happy birthday again:)