Friday Stuff

I guess I need to start proof reading my posts a little better. I realized I had somehow put a smiley face after I wrote in yesterday's post that Ryan was in an accident. Wha?? So I apologize to anyone who read that and thought, what the heck?

I'm also going to stop saying my heater is broken, although we really really thought it was. Apparently my father in law is a miracle worker though (and the filter desperately needed to be changed) and it's running as smooth as a baby's bottom now. Yes!!

Now for some other random non-important things.

I've started doing my grocery shopping on Fridays right when I get off work. It's fantastic, it's childless, and it means I don't have to do it on Saturday or Sunday. I feel so accomplished already. AND I bought ingredients to make three real recipe dinner meals for this next week. One of those meals is this. How yum does that sound?

After I got groceries, I rented this movie from Red Box. I seriously cannot wait to watch it. But the only thing about watching movies now with a two year old? You can't hear them. You have to turn the volume up to 50 and repeatedly "sshhhh" your toddler. But hey, maybe tonight will be different. I love her. :>

Have you read this? I need to read it again. HIlarious. It's so true. I held off for forever giving Karlyn juice and then one night I thought she was a little...stopped up...so we tried it. And she loved it. I used to buy the organic unfiltered apple juice for her but lately I've been buying a cheaper brand. And I always do mix it with water. She must be ok with it because she watches me do it! And I limit her to twice a day at home though she gets some at school too. Eh, what are you gonna do?

We have a super busy weekend ahead. Ryan is helping his brother move tomorrow and then Sunday I have a baby shower followed by a Super Bowl party. Would it surprise you to know I care nothing about the Super Bowl and can't even remember who's playing in it? Well good luck to both teams. I just want some chips and dip.


Amanda said...

I hear you on the shopping on Friday so you are done for the rest of the weekend. I like doing that too! Have a great weekend!

katebradley said...

I just read that post from The Honest Toddler - that is sooooo funny! I added that blog to my sidebar now so I can keep up with it!