So today was different. Remember a few weeks ago when I said our heater went out? Well it didn't go out completely. No, that would be last night. We heard an awful scraping, stuttering noise and he (she?) breathed its last breath. Luckily it's still running on the emergency setting until Ryan's dad can look at it and order the parts we need. Love-ly! I am SUPER grateful though that we don't have to call a repair company. Thank you Lord.

This morning was kinda funny. Ryan was getting ready to leave for work and he and I were standing right near the thermostat discussing the situation. Karlyn has heard us talk about it and she knows that "papa needs to fix the heater!" She's also learned that sometimes to get our attention she has to raise her volume level. So we're talking and can hear her talking below us when she belts out,


lol. We were like, yes, thank you dear! We realize. :-) Karlyn loves her daddy so it was equally as cute when he was walking out the door to hear, "Bye daddy! I'll see you tonight when you get home!"

melt. my. heart.

I felt bad for Karlyn because her favorite teacher was out sick today but she made it through the day just fine. Then I got to work and got a text from Ryan that he'd been in an accident. Praise God he came out just fine, it wasn't his fault, and there wasn't major damage to his truck.

The police had to disconnect the vehicles from each other! A third car hit the car behind Ryan which caused the picture above. I'm so grateful to Jesus that my husband is ok! The other drivers were ok also even though an ambulance was called.

I was super lazy when I got home today and pretty much just vegged. When I went to pick up Karlyn I saw this . Today was a first because she wasn't ready to leave! I guess she was playing dress-up. :-)

So grateful. So blessed.

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