Wordless{ish} Wednesday: My Little Sickie

No fun being sick.

This means I don't feel good.

One of these was a bribe for the other.  She is so DONE with taking any medicine.

Poor baby.

Don't let this face fool you...I think I told her to say cheese.
I've been playing nurse around here.  It started Sunday when she was super fussy and clingy.  Bam - 1st 2 year molar!  Fun.  Then Monday she started coughing every 10 seconds and just wanted to lay around.  That night she didn't sleep well and then yesterday when I picked her up from daycare she looked like death.  I'm not even kidding.  It was the worst I've ever seen her look.  Watery eyes, red underneath, bright flushed cheeks, like she felt AWFUL!  Went to the doctor and flu and infection came back negative so she's got some kind of yucky virus.  :-(  Daddy's staying home with her this morning and hopefully we kick this thing soon!  A lot of Caillou is being watched and I'm trying to love on my sweet girl. 

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