TGIF, Contest, and Boot Shopping

Couple things.  First, I cannot wait to SLEEP tonight.  I'm seriously an old woman and do not like staying up past 10:00.  Ever. 
It's Friday though!  I wish I was one of those people than can sleep till noon on Saturday.  Hey, I'd settle for sleeping till 8:00!  But no, I'm sure my body will wake me up around 6:30.
Ok, my little earring contest.  Tell your friends!  And I maybe should have left a few more details on how to enter.  To Enter:  you have to leave a blog comment telling me your favorite Christmas memory!  But, that's not all.  Then you have to log in with the Rafflecopter thing-a-ma-jig at the bottom of the post and click on "I commented."  Make sure it gives you your 5 points because that is how you are entered!  You can also tweet about the giveaway for an extra 2 points but it isn't mandatory.  But, you must log in and show that you commented for your entry to count.  *If you've already commented but didn't log in, you don't have to comment again, just log in and enter it there.*
Sorry, not trying to be super complicated!


We went to Shepler's tonight for Ryan to pick out his Christmas present from his parents.  Some boots!  They're pretty studly :-)  This nice man helped him pick out exactly what he wanted while  little wild child was running all over the place and screaming in joyful outburst over and over.  She got a workout in attempting to try on boots and running away from me.  Good times. :>

I was thinking about taking a December "break" from Facebook.  But I can't decide.  Tomorrow is December 1st so we shall see.  Maybe just a short one?  I still have Instagram, Twitter, and the blog.  I could probably make it. ;>  I get too addicted and then I think I get annoying.  And I don't want to be annoying.  Phew.  Anyways.  I doubt I'll disappear for too long.
Happy last day of November!


Amanda said...

Love her and the boots! Can't wait to celebrate her this weekend!

Ellen Sara said...

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