2013 Calendar

It's Cyber Monday!  Didn't ya know? 
I've probably done enough online shopping for this year to last me a little while but I had to purchase something today.
Calendars used to be a big deal to me and my friend Lindy.  We would look for the perfect wall calendar at the end of each year.  It had to represent you well...it had to be creative...it had to be researched.  I bought her a black and white Nun calendar one year! Kind of a joke...
I didn't buy myself a 2012 calendar and I'm pretty sure I didn't have one for 2011 either.  Shame!  And people didn't get birthday cards...
I was determined to fix that for 2013.  I had seen the one I wanted and Amazon had it for $18.99.  That's just a bit steep to me for a calendar.  So I found it on Barnes and Noble for less!  And two other things.  Ya know...for the FREE SHIPPING. <-- Ploy.
Here's the one I bought!  I loooove it.  At least I think I will.  Are you a calendar person?

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Amanda said...

Yes! I love Calendars - I keep up with everything on my Outlook calendar and my iPhone calendar. I do need one to write on to carry with me and I have an monthly erasable calendar on my fridge that I love! Yeah for calendar lovers!