Potluck Friday

    # six

  • Do you use coconut oil?  You should!  And here are 101 ways to get you started.  I only recently began buying this and it does NOT give food a coconut flavor when used for cooking.  It IS super good for you!  I even found a jar at Home Goods of all places in their cooking section.

  •  Ever wondered if sugar = honey = stevia = splenda?  I have.  And found some help here.  If you're going to have something sweet, leave the chemicals OUT!

  • Paleo legalism.  I don't want to do this.  I don't want to judge what you eat.  And I don't want you to judge what I eat.  Let's all figure out what works best for us within a healthy, whole foods framework and go from there.  Let's keep ourselves sane even with a treat now and then!  Sound good?  =)

  • Get ready to read.  This one's a little lengthy but is an awesome resource FULL of ideas for maximizing your time in the kitchen.  I really want to get better at prepping several meals/ingredients at the same time.  I love the 5 minute meal fridge idea!

  • A post by Wellness Mama on "How to Get Pregnant Naturally."  Some good tips here I think.  Give it a read.  I will say though - consult with your doctor/midwife/naturopath before taking herbal supplements if you suspect you're dealing with any hormonal imbalances/fertility issues.

And that's it for me.  Have a great weekend!

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