"Off Paleo?"

A recent conversation…

Them: "Oh, are you off the Paleo now?"

Me: "Um, no."

Them: "Oh, is that Paleo?"

Me: "Um, well I'm not going to eat the bread."

Them: "Isn't that chicken breaded?"

Me: "Well...it's meat. And I figured I'd have this instead of a cinnamon roll."


Here's the thing, if you'll allow me a few minutes. People want a name. And rules. Especially when it comes to food or diets, they want a list. Do's. Do not's. Do not ever's. Ever!

At least, ya know. While you're "on the diet." Deep breath.

Google "Paleo Diet" and you'll come up with a lot. I promise. Google clean eating. Unprocessed foods. Gluten free. It's all out there.

You know what you won't find? The stop eating so much junk so your body can heal and function at an optimal level diet.

Another one.

Me: As I eat my bacon burger - bunless - and some fries, at a backwoods little diner.

Them: "I noticed you aren't eating your bread. Don't tell me you're going on that gluten free fad..."

Me: "Um...well..." I kind of mumbled something I don't even remember.

Them: "Yeah, I mean, some people might have sensitivities to gluten. Oh, yes, I'll have a diet coke please!"

Again.  Really?

I mean, I can see how pouring multiple glasses of liquid chemicals down your throat is not fad-like at all compared to passing on a white, enriched bun that is totally and completely void of any nutrition whatsoever.

I digress.

I'm not trying to insult here. It's just a little crazy. I'm not saying boundaries aren't in order. That's why the Whole 30 is such an amazing program that is changing people's lives! They themselves say, this isn't meant to be a whole 365. You're not going to eat perfectly every day or meal of your life. People are on different schedules (work, school), in different stages of life (newborns!), and are pursuing different goals (weight loss, weight gain, healing from any number of things).

I'm not trying to lose weight. I don't have celiac's disease. So yeah, I'm not gonna sweat eating a couple pieces of chic-fil-a chicken. I'm also not going to feel dumb-even though I did a bit-for ditching my bun as you enjoy your third diet can of coke for the day. 

Let's be intelligent here people. I'm not going "off paleo" any more than I "went on paleo." I'm trying to change my eating habits for the better. I'm working on reducing processed foods and cutting way back on sugar. I'm experimenting with new recipes and making myself like almond butter. :> I'm not on the paleo diet. I'm trying to eat whole foods that my body actually recognizes as food.

I have several reasons for doing this, some I haven't even shared. I may later. Hear me when I say I'm not trying to judge what you do or don't eat. Eat that piece of birthday cake. Enjoy your coke. If those are once in a great while things that you're choosing to indulge in because you like them, then enjoy the heck out of them! It's all about choosing. And knowing what those choices mean. And living with the outcomes. I certainly do not eat 100% whole unprocessed foods. This is life! But we only get one body.  I'm learning more every day. Up until last Fall, I thought I was doing good by eating my oatmeal for breakfast, a whole wheat sandwich for lunch, and Annie's Mac 'n' Cheese with dinner. Talk about a grain fest! This is a passion of mine and food is a broad and deep subject for many, with lots of underlying emotions and issues.
Do you have thoughts/comments/questions?
I have more to say. =)