Is It Friday?

Man.  I feel like today should be Friday.  Anyone else?  This week has been the slowest and longest at the same time.  But...my husband comes home today!  I really don't know how single moms do it.  Hats OFF to you because it is a challenge.  He's been having moutains of fun at an annual tax conference with his co-workers and this little dog of ours has been missing him big time.  He just acts differently when Ryan's gone.

I feel like last night's post was a bit dis-jointed and quickly written.  Which is how I write a lot of times but that's beside the point.  Anyways, I kinda wanted to clarify a few things. 

1. I don't mind at all fielding questions about the way I've been trying to eat.  I love it in fact!  I could talk to someone all day about it.  The main thing that frustrates me is that I felt like the idea of reducing/eliminating gluten was looked at as a fad.  And many people DO look at it this way.  I would have looked at it that way too, a year ago.  If you don't think you've bought into a fad by thinking that Coke Zero is "healthier" in some way because its looked at as a "diet drink" and has no calories (big clue here that something's up!) well...

2. Paleo is a word I'll continue to use.  Obviously since it's all over my blog. :-)  Paleo this, paleo that.  Yes, there are some variations but we're talking about pretty much the same thing.  Meat.  Veggies.  Fruit.  Healthy Fat.  I'm not on a diet though.  I'll talk more later about what Paleo is and isn't.

3. I am not some kind of super woman who eats well all the time.  Has the last month been a HUGE improvement for me compared to prior months?  Yes.  Am I trying to be a little extra strict for personal health reasons?  Yes.  Do I think you're a bad person because you drink a diet coke or eat bread?  NO!  I'm just passionate about this subject, the more that I learn and experience.  And I never want to come across as an uncaring slap you across the face with whole foods kind of person.  I apologize in advance if I do.

Ok.  I need to make my house look presentable so my husband think it's stayed like that the whole time.  :>

Potluck Friday tomorrow!

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