It Starts With Food ~ GIVEAWAY!

Hi there ladies and gents!  Guess what we have here?  I know, you probably couldn't tell from the title.

It's a GIVEAWAY!!!

"It Starts With Food," by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig may be the ultimate nutrition book ever written.  With a witty writing style that leaves you eager to turn the page, they've covered the science behind WHY your body responds the way it does to certain foods and how optimal health does indeed start with food.

Are you dealing with any of the following or do you know someone who is?

diabetes. high cholesterol. high blood pressure.  obesity. acne. eczema. psoriasis. chronic fatigue. asthma. sinus infections. allergies. migraines. acid reflux. Chrohn's. celiac disease. IBS. bipolar disorder. depression. Lyme disease. endometriosis. PCOS. autism. fibromyalgia. ADHD. hypothyroidism. arthritis. multiple sclerosis. (taken from the inside cover)

Their program *the Whole30* has helped numerous people with the issues listed above and more.  But it's more than that.  It's a re-set of your whole body system.  It's beginning to look at food in a whole new way.  It's learning that the foods you always thought were heart-healthy may not be.

From chapter 1: "The food you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy.  Those are your options."

You'll learn about fun things like your brain on food, hormonal responses to what you eat, and full-body systemic inflammation --> Not a good thing!

They use humorous analogies and terms anyone can understand while emphasizing the seriousness that surrounds what we fuel our bodies with.  Also included: a smattering of recipes at the end and how to go foward after reading the book on your own Whole30.

And guess what?  YOU GET TO WIN A COPY!  I am planning to go through my own book again, this time with a highlighter, pen, and paper and I want you to join me.  It may very well change your life! 

I am using Rafflecopter to host this giveaway so it will be super duper official :-)  The contest starts tonight at 11:00 PM and ends on Saturday August 11, at 11:00 PM. (CST)

How to Enter:

1. Log in below using your e-mail or through facebook.
2. Mandatory - leave a blog comment on this post telling me why you want to read this book.  Simple! You must log in through rafflecopter before leaving the blog comment.
3. For additional points, tweet about the giveway, answer a question, and/or like the Whole9 facebook page.  None of these options are required but they will earn you extra points which increase your odds for winning.  You can even tweet once a day!
4. Come back Monday, August 12th to find out who the winner is.  Yay!  I will then ship you a copy of "It Starts With Food" through Amazon.  Go you!

I hope everyone has fun with this! =)

***Disclaimer.  I am leaving this contest open to anyone within the United States.  If you are not a member of my immediate family, you can enter!***

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Michael Finsel said...

It does start with food, real food. I have a high level overview of nutrition but would LOVE to read an in depth view from this book.

wendy said...

I read the book, am in my second Whole 30, sleep with it under my pillow for better absorption, and want as many copies as I can get to give away. This should be taught in school!

Kati said...

Hi Wendy!

Be sure you sign in using rafflecopter and select the leave a blog comment button so you're officially given points for it.


Sharon Smith said...

I am totally clueless about nutrition, but I want (and need) to learn about it!

Chris Comstock said...

I am a dietetics student who believes that today's nutrition advice is a bit flawed. I hope to continue to learn about(and follow) the paleo lifestyle so that later in my career as a Dietician, I can spread the news to the people I work with.

Maura said...

I want to give the book to my 64 year old dad to get him back on a healthy track.

Leslie said...

I want to win this book because my family seems to have alot of success with it. I'm hoping it'll teach me more about a good lifestyle of eating and also help with my stomach problems.

stephthinksalot said...

I want to read this book because I have been trying to stick to my Whole30 and this book will give me a lot of guidance on how to stay in track even after it!!

Rachel said...

I would LOVE to read this book! I am so passionate about nutrition and how our diets can affect our health and mood! Always looking for new info. Did I mention I'm eating a Snicker's bar while I write this? See? I NEED this book! ;)

Kevin Pollack said...

While I have the book, I'd love to give this book to my brother as he always seems really close in believing the results I have eating the way I do.

Lindsey said...

I want to win this book because I have been doing some research about the Paleo diet for a while. I don't think I have the most extreme ailments such as Celiac or bipolar disorder, but I do want to see if I can do away with the seemingly chronic fatigue and lack of energy that I have. And the bloating..........and if I so happen to shed a few pounds in the process, so be it. :)

Ruth Anne said...

I have heard great things about this book, and would love to read it too for more motivation! What a great giveaway!

Luanne said...

I have a mindset that once things get "back to normal" or we find our new normal, I am going to make our life better by serving less processed foods. I don't want to feel guilty at snack time when we share some Goldfish or graham crackers. I am so aware of what goes in my kid's mouth, yet have done a horrible job of providing him with food "straight from the Earth" (so to speak).
Also, I am convinced that when I learn how to go about taking out, for instance, our (daily) serving of rice and providing something much more substantial, I can STOP taking thyroid meds. With soon-to-be a 2-kid mom, I need to find my energy from something other than caffeine :)

Heather said...

I want this book! My mom just read it and raved about it, so I suppose I could just borrow hers, but I like to write in books and that would just be rude.

Plus, I sorta failed my first Whole 30 (er, Whole 21?), so I might need some motivation for a redo.

Fun giveaway!