Fruit Snacks and Key Fobs

Hey, hey.  It's Tuesday.  And I got mail!  I mentioned a few posts ago that my friend Heather was opening an Etsy shop.  Well she did and it's up and running.  I was excited to order one of her key fobs because I am forever digging around in my purse trying to come up with mine.  While my husband waits...and waits.  It doesn't even matter if I down-size my purse.  The keys still disappear.  I think I have a much better chance of finding them now.  And look how super cute it is!  You can find these and more here~

I thought I'd be super adventurous today and actually try a Pinterest idea.  I had seen a pin about dipping fruit in yogurt and then freezing it.  I thought Karlyn might like it!  Wrong.  She just doesn't love cold frozen things.  Oh well.  I've been snacking on them a little.  Maybe when she gets older.

I've also been making a few new Paleo recipes that I'll post soon.  I'm having fun trying new combinations!
I'm trying to get back into yoga.  I am soooo tight and it hurts so good.  I did a 20 minute hip opening flow yesterday that I love and plan to do it tomorrow too.  I'm also doing some squats and other body weight type exercises at home instead of hitting up the gym.  I go back and forth on whether I should keep my gym membership...sometimes it's just easier to do stuff at home. 
And attempting to drink more lemon water...it helps to move your body into a more alkaline state.  Acidic = bad.  Alkaline = good.  And it's a nice change from plain h2O.
One more thing.  :)  I've shared this before but it's too fun not to share again.  Want some beachy waves?  Tired of flat-ironing your hair in this heat?  Make your own curly hair spray!  This recipe is what I've been using a couple times a week.  I got it off...you guessed it.  Pinterest.

1 cup warm water
1 T. sea salt
1 t. coconut oil
1 t. hair gel

Mix/Shake together in a squirt bottle.  Wa-la!  I make sure my hair is 2nd or 3rd day dirty and after towel-drying, I scrunch it with my hand.  Then I spray it all over really well and scrunch again.  And again.  Then I dry it with my diffuser.  It's fun for a change =)


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