True Story

This happened last night.

I decided to take a walk.

I crossed the street into a different neighborhood.

I saw a purse up on the grass, past the sidewalk as I was entering the neighborhood.

Cards (bank, store) were scattered out on the sidewalk.

I was like, what the heck?!!  It definitely didn't seem like someone "accidentally" dropped their purse out the car window while driving by.

I picked up the purse, put the cards back in and brought it home.

We tried to find a contact number inside but couldn't.  Wallet was gone.  Phone was inside but locked.

I called the police department.

An hour and a half later, a policeman came and picked up the purse and jotted down on his handy dandy notebook (Blue's Clues anyone?) my name and date of birth.

He said he'd take it back and they'd see if anyone reported it.

I'm totally expecting to appear on The First 48 tonight (joke for Ryan) AND receive a $200 reward once the lady gets her purse back.

I never did finish my walk.

The end.


katebradley said...

Glad you tried to return the purse. You should make yourself a good citizen badge to wear :)

Kati said...

Ha! I told Ryan I felt like Barney Fife. :) At first he told me I should go put it back!