Kid Tested, Mommy Approved

What makes a successful Paleo dinner at our house?  Short prep time and "Yummy!" coming from my toddler's mouth. 

I wanted something new for dinner Saturday night.  I was searching through my super handy "Fast Paleo" app (full site here) and came across:

Beefy Mexi "Cauli" Rice

I bought the ingredients we needed and got to work.

Try it!  The cauliflower took NO time to cook and it doesn't even taste like cauliflower once the dish is done.  (If you don't like that taste) :>

I'm excited to use my new "rice" with other ingredients.  Ryan wasn't home for dinner so Karlyn and I ate this up ourselves.  I had leftovers yesterday and today too!  I added salsa to the skillet and also used a full pound of ground turkey.

Eat up!

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