Gotta Run

I have 5,000,000 things to do today and at the moment feel paralyzed deciding which one should be first.  Do you ever feel like that?  Chores and bills to be paid keep piling up so a nap seems like the most reasonable and non-stressful way to go.  :-)

I did just renew my car registration online so at least I got that done!  Too bad that only took two minutes.

We have an insanely busy weekend ahead too.  With a wedding!  I'll keep up my posting somehow though.  I've made it over half way through July with my blog-every-day challenge!  Tomorrow I'll have the third "Potluck Friday" post for you.  Saturday and Sunday may just be pictures.

I have a super long (maybe two) post in my head about Paleo and a bunch of other stuff but I haven't had time to really write it.  It's coming though. 


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