Fun with Friends

Sunday night we had a going away party for some friends in our Sunday School class.  Another couple was gracious enough to host at their new home and they live on over an acre!  The kids had so much fun running around all evening and the weather was perfect.  I was so proud of Karlyn.  She ate her "pi-pa" (pizza) and after a meltdown when the large golden retrievers ever so gently came up to her, she had a lot of fun.  :-)  I managed to get a pony tail in her hair before we left which is no small task.  I love it though!  She's so crazy.  She would just walk off on her own in the back yard and just keep going and going.  I definitely got my exercise for the day.

Mom. Seriously.

Kar got to spend quality time with her friend Mallory ~

I'm hoping I've seen the last of majorly awful allergy attacks.  Not fun!  And, I'm so stinkin' glad that MAY is here!  We have a busy month ahead and a fun one too. ;-)

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