15 Months!

Karlyn Kaye, guess what?!  You are 15 months old today!!!

I feel like we just celebrated your first birthday and now here we are 3 months later.  We did a fun photo shoot and I'll try to re-cap what you've been up to lately.

You have adjusted so well to your new routine of staying with miss Lindsey all day.  You love it over there and it makes me so happy knowing you're having fun.  Let's just go through your day, shall we?

You wake up around 6:45 now and daddy usually gets you dressed.  We head out the door and you are usually pretty chipper and jabber the whole way in the car.  I give you 200 kisses and then you're eager to eat breakast: banana, egg, kashi waffle, or whatever else.

You play hard and still take a short morning nap.  Lunch is usually Annie's mac-n-cheese, a little bit of some kind of meat, avocado, sweet potato chips.  You play some more!  Your afternoon nap is 1-1.5 hours long and some days ya'll go run errands or do something fun like the library or toddler time at Chic-fil-a.  Lindsey sends me cute pictures of you and tells me funny things that you do.  Once I pick you up, we go home and play and start getting dinner ready.  Sometimes your Nona picks you up instead and you get to spend time with her and Papa.  For dinner you'll eat whatever we're having (hopefully!) and it's along the same lines as lunch.  Foods you also love: squeeze applesauce, cherry tomatoes, yogurt with strawberries, cheerios, raisins, cheese and you even tried some popcorn!  You love to ask for a "biiiite?!"

You're a fan of the great outdoors.  I'm excited to play out in the back with you this summer and get a sprinkler for you to run through.  I'm so glad you're not afraid of the grass like your mother was at your age...You're just growing like a weed!  Around 14 months, you officially gave up your last pre-bed bottle and it was SO much easier than I thought it might be.  You ask for "mik!" from your cup now and drink out of it like a big girl.  Your vocabulary has taken off and you say all kinds of stuff.  No sentences but tons of words!

mama.  dada.  baby.  bye-bye.  nona.  papa.  dodge-ey.  night night.  c-ya.  (this one's so cute!)  cheese.  shoes.  pa-i.  (paci - no we haven't given that up yet)  bite.  jesus.  wuv ou (love you!).  uh-oh.  hi!

You're adventurous and silly and love to steal your daddy's phone and run away with it saying, "No No No No No."  You can climb up on the futon and you can almost climb up on the couch.  You know what it means when I say, "Do you want to watch your show??"  Sprout tv!  You totally get your lack of dancing skills from your parents and when you hear a catchy beat you just bob up and down with your legs and it's hilarious.  After daddy gets home and you play with him, I give you your bath and then you get to play a bit more while you drink your milk and wind down.  We'll ask you if you are ready for bed and you'll say, "Nooo."  :-)  But sometimes you'll say, "night-night!" and ask for you paci and then we KNOW you're tired.  You usually hit the sack around 8:00ish. 

You started giving kisses and OH MY SOUL it is the best part of my day.  Even the open mouth, slobbery ones. ;>  Ha ha, you wore your first pony-tail today!  Lindsey got it up because when momma tried, you screamed bloody murder.  I LOVE IT!  But it may take some more practice.  And hair.

What else?  You love telling people hi at the store.  You drag out the tupperware while I cook dinner.  You love reading books.  You have lots of teeth now. 10 or so?  You face forward in your car seat.  You weigh 24 lbs and are 31 inches...I think.  You wear a size 4 diaper, size 24 month clothes *the dress in the pics is a 2T!* and a size 6 shoe. 

Karlyn, you absolutely are the hightlight of our lives and so often I thank God for you and remember how much I wanted you.  What a gift and a blessing we've been given.  I love having a daughter and your daddy gushes over you too.  We laugh at you at night while you entertain us with your pre-bed silliness.  You're growing up!  And each day is something new.



Anonymous said...

Love all of the sweet pics .........and her piny tail. Thanks for sharing her typical day and her favorites. She is a Busy 15 month old and growing up too fast!

Heather said...

What a CUTIE! She's such a special little girl (but you already knew that, duh!), and I love reading your updates about her.

I can't believe that Avery was that age when I got pregnant with Landon-- eek!

And that ponytail kills me. She's a doll!

Karoline said...

I LOVEE her dress! It's so cutee. And her ponytail. Tell her aunt karo says hi:)

Josh and Shan said...

LOVE her little pony tail!