I feel like poo.  Again.  Why is this happening?!  I'm not normally a sickly person but I feel like I'm getting the same crud that started for me on Christmas day.  Karlyn has been off and on coughing with a runny nose and she's almost done with her ear infection antibiotic.  I thought this time for me was going to be milder but my throat's been hurting all afternoon so I called and made a dr's appointment for 8:00 tomorrow morning.  I don't care what they give me.  Just make this all go away!!  Luckily Ryan hasn't gotten anything yet.  Can it just be Spring yet?  These wild temperature swings from 35 to 70 degrees in one day CANNOT be helping.  From what I hear everyone else is sick too.  What IS IT with this year??!

Right now I'm debating my medicinal choices before bed tonight...sudafed, benedryl, a large thermos of hot chocolate?  Yeah.  That last one.

I watched several episodes of "The Revolution" today and poor Karlyn; the most activity she had was when we walked to the mailbox and then I left her walk up and down the sidewalk in her fancy red glitter shoes.  She cried when we had to go back inside.

Before this craptasticness began, I cooked several new recipes that were quite delish!  I'll do a separate post on those soon.  I really need to feel well soon.  February/March are busy times around the Ivey house.  Here's a rundown~

Feb 12th - Anniversary of our 1st date :>  Ahhhhh...

Feb 14th - Valentine's Day.  Obviously.

Feb 19th - Ryan's Birthday - The Big 3-0 this year!

March 10th - Our official anniversary - 5 years!

March 20th - MY BIRTHDAY.  The last of my twenties...not sure how I feel about that. 

So yeah, I've got card buying to do and surprises to plan.  I've got a cute post ready for tomorrow.


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Josh and Shan said...

Ugh! I had this same crub too AFTER being sick in December. It's no fun! Hope you feel better soon.