i'm thankful for...

so. many. things.

my husband. his health. his presence at home and that he's out of the hospital. i don't know what i'd do without him.

my sweet precious way too stinkin adorable 11 month old daughter. i know i've never professed my affection for her on the blog before <kidding!> but i'm in love.

my savior. saved by grace. not of good works or trying hard enough or being good enough. nope. i already failed. i'm thankful for the path he's led me down and the salvation he's freely given.

my family. church. workplace. iphone. laptop. bathtub. andrea's cookie dough covered brownies. fall. friends. mommy friends. sweaters. forgiveness. acceptance. love.

work outs and weights. blogging and pins :> quiet and naps and time to reflect. lessons and struggles and figuring out what works and what doesn't.

a pastor who preaches the truth. a roof over our heads. a little doggy with a big bark. bananas and peanut butter. scrambled eggs with cheese.

another day to live. another year to remember. another THANKSGIVING to celebrate. i can't take one day for granted because each one is a gift.

i'm thankful for you. yes, YOU.  thanks for reading this silly little blog that i write and ramble on.

~happy thanksgiving~

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