Hubby update and Monday musings

Today was a big day because Ryan went back to work!  He made it all day and said he felt pretty good.  It must have worn him out though because he is SACKED OUT on the couch right now... and has been for about 30 minutes.  It felt really good to be back in our normal "routine."  Can anyone give an amen to the fact that sometimes being home all day every day is just a little too much togetherness sometimes?  I think we were both getting on each other's last nerve!  He goes back to the surgeon tomorrow for another post-op check up that should be quick and easy.  He is eating well and for the most part feeling good but there is still some soreness and his energy level is not quite the same.  Of course he's lost a lot of strength and it looks like the total amount of weight he lost = 25 lbs.  Ladies: wouldn't you love to be told you needed to gain about 25-30 lbs?  Ha!

So pray that he can gain slowly and steadily.  Although he would prefer quickly500 extra calories a day gives you a 1 lb. gain per week but that's if all other conditions are right.  So...it's not going to be easy but hopefully he'll see progress soon.

Karlyn and I enjoyed a nice afternoon at home and I tried to do some party planning.  Little miss is going to be the big ONE before we know it!  I'm excited about her party.  I'm not super creative or crafty and I'm not going with a theme but I have several ideas and I think it's going to be perfectly cute. :-)  We took a walk right before it got dark.  I like to get her out of the house for a simple change of scenery even if it's not a grueling work out for me.


I needed to get to the gym today but I didn't have child care so maybe I'll go tomorrow.  I wasn't super motivated but I do not want to skip several lifting sessions in a row because then I'm back to square one and you have to start over in a way.  Maybe I should just get a barbell, squat rack, and plates for the garage!  But then my car wouldn't fit.

Did anyone have more of an exciting Monday?  This morning I was in one of those moods where I question everything, including my job.  Is this what I want to do forever?  But is it where God has placed me for right now...  Should I go back to school?  How would that even be possible?!  And what would I do with it?  Should I look for something more health/fitness related or is sharing my passion within my small sphere of influence good enough?  Yeah.  Too much for a Monday morning.  I need a good night's sleep tonight.  Last night's was terrible!

Oh.  And I got some super fun exciting news last night from a certain someone.  Eeeek.  Yay!!

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The Young's said...

I can't believe Karlyn is almost a year old!! She is so precious! Luke is 4 months old and that's how old she was when I saw you at Karens shower. It doesn't seem that long ago but time is flying!

I'm so glad Ryan is doing better! He's been in our prayers! Love you!