Fun with Friends

We hadn't had the pleasure of a play-date in quite a while so yesterday was a real treat!  Erica and I went to church and ran cross-country together and then lo and behold ended up having little girls within 2 weeks of each other, AND we used the same doctor!  ha.

Karlyn and Raegan played together until they got fussy and then we called it a wrap.  It's so nice to get to sit and talk with another mom about what's going on and funny, quirky, kid stuff.  Of course I did get lost on the way there but that's nothing new if you know me.

Cutie Patooties!  Raegan's legs crack me up in this 2nd pic.

And why will my child not smile anymore?  Oh well.  Does this week seem super long to anyone else?  My gracious, it is drag.ging.  Friday, hurry up already!

I can't believe our Eat Real challenge will soon be over.  I'm not even sure how my eating will be going forward but I know that I definitely DO plan to implement a lot of what I've been doing.  It works!  As I mentioned, my high school reunion is the night that the challenge ends and I most certainly also plan to have some dessert that night.  A co-worker told me that the restaraunt we'll be at makes an awesome chocolate cake!

**So I wrote this post last night...then the last 24 hours kind-of threw us all for a loop!  Just say a prayer for us if you think about it.  It's always something, right?!

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