Paper Mama, Push-Ups, and Why I Don't Want Boys

Hi there!  I've been MIA this weekend but not intentionally!  I've had this post in mind to write since Friday and it just didn't happen.  Better late than never though right?

Let's begin.  I have a new blog love!  I will be adding her to my roll shortly... Maybe you already know about her but I didn't!  The Paper Mama!  I was instantly taken with her and can't wait to read more.  I started out looking at this post *um, so cool idea that I really want to try but might need my hair to be thicker and longer* and went on from there after browsing around a little to read the birth story of her daughter, Rauri.  Yet another reason I'm a fan.  She named her after the Gilmore Girls show!  But back to the birth story - wowzers.  I'd have a hard time considering having another one too...

PUSH-UPS.  I was doing them, took a little break, and now I'm back at 'em.  My new goal is to do 30-ish every other day.  I do 3 sets: as many as I can do in the first set, same for the second, and then finish to hit my goal number.  Here's my last two push-up days~


Set 1: 13
Set 2: 10
Set 3: 7

Sunday: (today!)

Set 1: 16
Set 2: 10
Set 3: 9

I did 35!  Woop!!  I rest in between...not for a set amount of time...but I'd guess maybe a minute?

Why I don't want boys:

Ok, this is a true story.  Friday afternoon  I took Karlyn for a walk.  About 5:00.  We headed over to the neighborhood across the street where we usually walk because the view is nicer :-)

Well, as we begin our walk I notice these boys, maybe 8, 9 years old?  They've come up with a SUPER GREAT IDEA.  They've decided to ride their skateboards, on their stomachs, from their driveways, down into the street.  BrilliantI thought, where in the world are your parents?!  It would have been sooo easy for a car to come cruising down the street, not see one of them, and hit them as they were lingering down in the street after their "ride." 

Total mom moment but I had to say it.  "Um, hey, ya'll be careful and don't get run over." 

They said, "Oh, we won't"


It was then that I decided I do not want boys.  Ha.  Kind-of just kidding.

So that was our Friday.  Oh, and this little dog decided to accompany us as we walked.  It was kinda funny.  I have no idea who he belonged to.

Come back tomorrow for the rest of our weekend :>

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