Big Night. New Foods. Super Cute Bibs.

Well hi.  Is it Thursday already?  Yes it is!  Praise the Lord.  I am feeling kind-of fantabulous right now and I'm going to say it's the new diet. =)  We can pretend right?  But really, I'm sure *no sugar* certainly can't be hurting.  I've actually felt pretty even keeled lately and haven't had crazy mood swings like I can with sugar.  I'm hoping things only get better!

I whipped up some sweet potato chips today for Karlyn and I and used butter this time instead of olive oil.  A lot better!  I also bought my potatoes at Kroger instead of Wal-Mart.  Again, better!  I try to cut them thin so a few get crispy.  It's the little things...when you can't have cake or pie.

Um, big night last night!!!  I posted on facebook, but Karlyn decided to take 4 STEPS ALL BY HERSELF!!  It was so cute!  Ryan had just gotten home and she was standing up next to him.  All of a sudden she was standing by herself, and we just watched in shock with our mouths wide open as she took one little baby step, and then three more!  We were like, did that really just happen?!  Of course I had to call the grandmothers and let them know and then we tried to get her to do it again but she wasn't up for it.  I'm wondering if she'll try again soon or if it was a fluke. ha ha.  She's been cruising around the living room table and couches now for weeks.

Besides potatoes, I got a few other things at Kroger today on my way home from work.  Kinda pricey but they should last a while. 

Lara Bars.  Almond Butter.  Medjool Dates.  I plan to stuff these with almond butter and call it dessert :)

I'm debating on a workout for today.  Yesterday I did Jillian's 30 Day Shred, Level 1 while goober crawled all over and under me in the process.  I couldn't stop laughing at her and she was definitely giving me extra resistance for the abs portion.  I may do it again today.  I really want to get to the gym but don't love the idea of her being in the kid area with minimal workers and older kids running all around.  If someone could just watch her for an hour and a half each afternoon, I'd be set!  I'd even pay in sweet potato chips :>

While I'm on a health kick in this post, I just love being able to feed Karlyn healthy foods.  Today her lunch was avacado, peas, chicken I'd done in the crock pot, and the S.P. chips.  She ate it up!  I want to teach her healthy habits from an early age AND I want her to give her minimal sugar.  Just every now and then.

Feeding a kiddo can be MESSY though, ya know?  They need a good bib!  They also need a stylish bib.  A comfy bib.  A 38 Stitches bib!  Seriously.  Go check out my super talented friend Rachel's Etsy shop.  She makes all kinds of bibs, burp cloths, and more!  You too can adorn your baby in such beauty~

Lucky for us, they wash well too!  C-ya!


Anonymous said...

love the food face! it's nice that she's liking all the healthy food you're feeding her! keep it up!

Kati said...

Thanks Aunt Leslie! Pasta sauce gets her the messiest :>

Rachel said...

Karlyn is so beautiful! Thanks for the shout-out!!

Kati said...

Rachel, I should have gotten a pic of the soft back material and the pearl snap too ~ great details! :-)

Sydney said...

If I lived closer, I would definitely babysit Karlyn for sweet potato chips :D yummm