We're still here!

It's dark and rainy over here!  Karlyn did her usual of nap for 30 minutes and then wake up.  Whatever happened to those nice long hour and a half naps? :/  All I can say is thank the Lord for our swing.  I like to call it her nap extender because whenever she wakes up like that, where I can tell she's not going to sleep 1 minute more in her bed, I can often eke out a whole other hour in the swing.

So I'm sitting in the dark not wanting to wake her, and figured now was as good a time as any to blog.  I've severely neglected it lately but most days I'm doing good to do the basics around the house and take care of said short-napper.  I hope these storms don't get a lot worse!

I had a lovely first official Mother's Day.  It was also a crazy busy weekend filled with family get-together's AND Karlyn's baby dedication at church - which is actually more of a parent dedication!  She looked super cute in her plaid and green dress and bright fuschia hair bow.  Ryan also got me  a cute card and a James Avery charm bracelet with one charm: "MOM" spelled out vertically.  I love it!  He didn't have them attach it yet though so I've been wearing it on a silver necklace chain.  I kinda like wearing it that way too and I'm torn between the necklace or bracelet option.  My bracelet is really pretty though.  It's this one.

[caption id="attachment_2235" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Family Pic!"][/caption]


What else have we been up to?  We've got just over 2 weeks left at work of WALK ACROSS TEXAS, which is a good thing.  I'm losing steam and although I always feel better after a workout, I'm looking forward to not having the pressure of not letting my team down with low miles. . .It's hard to find the time with a baby!  Even 30 minutes - 30 straight minutes.

On Saturday I went to a Holistic Health Fair.  I'm a nerd and had been really excited about it ever since I saw the flyer at my hair dresser's of all places.  It was pretty cool!  I took Karlyn in her stroller (it was indoors) and we walked around and chatted it up with different vendors.  There was chiropractic care, make-up, supplements, and Smoothie King :-)  I'll admit, I did also go in hopes of possibly making some contacts.  It's not often that I hear of events going on that are in the arena of what I'm a. interested in and b. hoping to get involved with somehow.  And I came away with some possibilities!  I wish I could say more but I am sincerely hoping that SOON I'll be making an announcement about a little venture I'll be starting.  I'm excited!!  I don't know all the ins and outs yet but I do know that this seems right up my alley.  I realllly am ready to step out of my comfort zone a little and start taking steps towards my dreams and what I want to do in life.  Maybe this is it.  More to come!

Sorry for the non-exciting post.  I'm so good at blogging creatively in my head.  . . I have tons of ideas!  But they seldom make it online anymore.  Someone needs to take longer naps. ;>

***Stay tuned for hopefully some semi-exciting news next week!***


Amanda Estes said...

Love the family photo and I'll be praying for you and your hopeful upcoming opportunity!

Jenny said...

What a cute family pic, you all look wonderful :)