So...I should be working on other things.  But.  I'd rather work on -


Would you like to try some Shaklee products??  For free?  I think you would. :-)  And I've got just the little variety pack to pique your interest.

Here's what one maybe 2 if I'm feeling generous lucky winner will win!

  • 1 Cinch vanilla shake mix packet

  • 1 Cinch lemon cranberry snack bar

  • 1 Cinch peanut butter chocolate chip meal-in-a-bar

  • 3 Cinch pomegranate energy tea mix packets

  • 2 citrus energy chews

  • 1 GET CLEAN Basic H2 (sample)

  • 1 enfuselle C+E repair P.M. (sample)

So. What do you have to do to enter???  Each of these will earn you one entry into the drawing~You can do one or all three for better odds!

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me which Shaklee product you'd most like to try.  Anything Shaklee! (Include in the comment if you've done #2 and #3!)

2. "Like" my facebook page:  Well2day-My Shaklee  :-)

3. Publicize this giveaway! Tweet, Blog, or Post a status on fb...let others know about it!

That's it!  I'll tally up all the entries and announce the winner by midnight Monday night, the 30th. yeah right, I'm in bed by 10:00.


*I also am not sure why it's not letting me link up my Shaklee website on the blog...my mom had to clue me in!  But if you type in www.well2day.myshaklee.com into your browser, it'll come up!


Kristena said...

I love a good giveaway so here goes!
1- I'd like to try so many Shaklee products, but the one that makes my mouth water is the Cinch peanut butter chocolate chip meal-in-a-bar.
2- DONE!
3- DONE!

Pick me. Pick me. Pick me. Pick me.

Jenny said...

Hooray for a giveaway :D
I'd love to try thecinch peanut butter chocolate chip meal-in-a-bar :)

Carissa Birdsall said...

Everything looks so good!! It's hard to pick just one. :) I would really like to try the Nutrition Therapy Skin Care System.

I have already completed #2 on the list and about to complete #3. :)

Yay for giveaways!!!

Leslie said...

I'd love to try the cinch peanut butter chocolate chip meal-in-a-bar! (also the vanilla shake). I'm going right now to post the giveaway on facebook! And I tried to 'like' your page but wasn't sure how to do it.... Good luck on your new business!! :)

Kelley said...

Very exciting! I am interested in the Probiotic supplement, energy chews and a well rounded vitamin for women of my age....<3

Jess said...

Definitely the pb choc chip meal in a bar!

Sydney Moreland said...

The lemon cranberry snack bar & pomegranate energy tea mix sounds YUMMY, but so do all of the other ones! i haven't done 2 or 3 yet, but I will! :)

Howdy! | Living Well said...

[...] YOU TO EVERYONE who’s entered the giveaway!  So fun!  Now here’s the deal.  7 people have entered.  And I really want to give away [...]

Gabbie said...

I guess it sounds good to everyone but that peanut butter chocolate chip meal-in-a-bar got my attention too!

Rachel Davis said...

#1. I would LOVE to try the Nutrition Therapy Skin Care System

#2. Already done!

#3. Bout to happen right NOW! :)

Jacqueline Gowins said...

1. The pomegranate energy tea sounds very interesting. Better than a coke in the afternoon.


3. Done.