Sunday Smorgasbord

1 - I drove my husband's manly macho BIG truck up to the gym today.  I really like the sirius radio AND the fact that I feel very protected in that thing.  Just try and hit me.  I won't even feel it.

2 - "Nap Training" is going very well.  I am so proud of my big girl who is not only taking 2 hour naps now in her crib, but the last two nights has slept 9-5 in there!  Way to go Karlyn!!  And I'll take some of the credit ;)

3 - (fitting for #3)...I only have three brownies left.  This is a problem.

4 - Silk is now making an unsweetened almond milk that is very, very good.  Their vanilla and plain had added sugar but now they've added a third type.  I love Almond Breeze brand too though.  Yummers.

5 - The 46th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards comes on in 5 mintues.  Ryan and I have been looking forward to it!

6 - I'm not eating meat in April.  Last year I did "Meatless in March" but this year I guess I'm a little behind...

7 - On Friday me, and quite a few others at my office began doing  a "Walk Across Texas" program that I think is such a great idea and will help people get off the couch and moving!  I plan to do a separate post on that.

8 - Kinda liking that it's staying lighter longer outside.  I've putting Kar to bed around 8:00 which is right about the time it gets dark.  Perfect.

9 - My hair is allmost long enough to pull back but not quite there yet.  It's annoying and I'm ready for it to GROW!

10 - The sermon this morning was about having a grateful attitude.  I know I could stand to be more thankful and take some time to step back and realize that everything I have is a gift from God.  I've earned nothing and been given much. 

~Thank you Lord for all your blessings.  Thank you for the breath I breathe, and my precious family, and the freedoms we enjoy.  Help me to remember this:  **A quote I read recently and have repeated to myself a few times**

[caption id="attachment_2129" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Our little blessing!"][/caption]

LIFE IS NOT AN EMERGENCY.  It is a gift. :-)


Jenny said...

I have that milk! Lol I love how little calories it has :) It really doesn't taste much different from the sweetened one which is a good thing ;)

Jess said...

I loved the country music awards! Great show:)

Amanda Estes said...

I loved the sermon too and have challenged myself this week to be aware of my attitude - less complaning more thanking! Hope you have a great week :)

Rachael Weeks said...

Yesterday when Bryan walked for the WAT, he asked Makayla if she wanted to go...and I wasn't even going with them! He got the jogging stroller out, strapped her in, and off they went around the neighborhood! I thought it was so sweet that he took her with him! Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!